To be the First and Best Fixed Assets Management (Asset Verification/Tagging) ,IT Assets Management and RFID Solutions provider Company in Africa, and to secure all classes of company fixed assets.
To computerised organisations fixed assets and creates a financial accounting of links of these assets location-wide using well motivated employees and the best technology, in an environment that delivers value to all stakeholders while maintaining our focus on products/services that guarantee better living and working condition in the economy
Topgy Systems & Management Consultant (A member of Topgy Group); the pioneer computerized marking company and leading fixed assets management consultant in West Africa with offices in Nigeria, Ghana, Benin Republic, Togo and Liberia; Topgy is the Exclusive agent of PERMANENTMARK® SECURITY SYSTEMS PLC, NETHERLANDS, ASSETTRAC, UK, THARO SYSTEMS, DATAMAX O’NEIL, USA, FALKEN SECURE NETWORKS, POLYLABEL, CANADA, etc was established in 2001 to advise and assist organizations in every fixed asset tagging, asset tracking, asset security problems, fixed assets verification and reconciliation exercise, asset valuation, asset disposal, asset certification and asset management software. We can assist you to reconcile your fixed assets problem, manage and secure your valuable assets with our sophisticated tamper proof label, void label, paint/grease resistant label, Supermark and permanent asset identification labels and markings, which are chemically etched directly on the assets, and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)(Active and Passive inlay tags) tagging technologies.